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Training a retriever takes time and patience. It also takes the right gear to help you achieved the desired result, a finished dog to be proud of.  Drills, whether they focus on marking or blinds, are essential to a young dog’s development.  The ASD Hexabumper uses a hexagonal design that prevents the dog from rolling the bumper in its mouth, creating a bad habit that is hard to cure.  They are available in 2” of 3” versions in white, orange, and black/white flasher.  Prefer a canvas bumper?  We have that too in the same configurations as the plastic Hexabumper.  Real birds are great for training but not always practical.  That is where the EZ-Bird comes in.  These innovative training bumpers replicate the feel of a real bird and encourage proper carry.  ASD has all of your training needs covered with whistles, lanyards, scents, and heeling sticks as well.

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