Dog Parkas & Dog Boots

Protecting your dog in the field should be a top priority for every hunter.  Hypothermia is a serious issue; a dog can succumb quickly to the effects of cold water.  Our Standard and Boater’s Parkas will help keep your warm and dry and able to hunt all day.  The Standard Parka is constructed of 3mm neoprene for milder weather and the Boater’s is a rugged 5mm for icy days.  Boater’s Parkas have handles built in for easy pick up of your dog into a boat or blind.  Your dog’s feet also need help at times and the Neoprene Dog Boots will provide coverage from sharp rocks, sea shells in bays, and ice.  If you have need for a taller boot the HiTop Dog Boots fit that bill.  They are a full 8” in height for maximum protection. 

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